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What We Do

Honoring Your Healthcare Decisions

PLEASE NOTE: To protect your safety in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering our clients the ability to meet with us in person (observing social distancing), via telephone or through video conference. Please call our office to discuss your options.

Peace of Mind for Solo Agers

Our Healthcare Agents are dedicated to upholding your healthcare desires should you become unable to speak for yourself.

Our Mission Statement

Solo Aging Solutions, LLC strives to provide our clients with the freedom of knowing that their healthcare desires and directions will be upheld and honored when they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves.


Your HCA will communicate with your physicians and medical team, asking the right questions and requesting consultations when necessary. 


Your HCA will be ready to provide your medical team with your Advance Healthcare Directive. HCAs will also have updated records of your medications. This knowledge, along with their deep understanding of your wishes, will allow them to act as your healthcare surrogate and ensure your healthcare decisions are upheld.

Health Status

Your HCA will have complete knowledge of your updated health status and medical history. This will be accomplished through your initial in-home assessment, yearly in-home follow-ups, regular updates, and annual attendance at one physician’s visit.

Care Decisions

Your HCA will have full knowledge of your healthcare wishes and be ready 24/7 to ensure they are upheld, should the need arise. Your HCA will discuss treatment options with your medical team and select the best care for your medical needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my SAS Healthcare Agent be available to me 24/7?

In the event that you are incapacitated, or your attending physician determines that you cannot make healthcare decisions yourself, your SAS HCA will be available by phone 24/7.  Depending on the nature of the situation, SAS HCA’s may discuss options with you over the phone or come to the hospital to act on your behalf as your healthcare surrogate.

Does my SAS Healthcare Agent help me manage my finances?

Your SAS healthcare agent will only make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable to do so for yourself. Solo Aging Solutions, LLC does not handle or manage our client’s finances. In your initial meeting with SAS, SAS will request information on your financial representative, or provide you with resources for you to select a family member, friend, CPA, or a private professional fiduciary to handle your financial affairs in the event you need assistance.

How will you work with my financial representative?

Since Solo Aging Solutions, LLC does not manage or assist with your financial affairs, it is important for your SAS healthcare agent to have access to the person or entity you have chosen to manage your financial affairs in the event you no longer can manage those affairs yourself. Your SAS HCA will contact your financial representative if you are in need of additional care, placement into a facility, or have any medical expenses. With your SAS HCA’s background in continuing care, your HCA will be able to assist your financial representative with any questions about the care you need and how to find the best available care you can afford.

What happens if I am hospitalized?

If you are hospitalized and capable of contacting your SAS HCA, please do so to keep your healthcare agent aware of your current medical condition, as your HCA potentially could be needed to act on your behalf. If you are incapacitated, and unable to contact your SAS HCA, the case manager at the hospital most likely will contact your HCA if the hospital is aware of your HCA’s identity. Thus, it is important to keep a copy of your HCA’s contact information in your wallet in the event you have an emergency. Your SAS HCA will stay with you until all needs are addressed and a plan of care is established by your medical team. Your SAS HCA will act as your healthcare surrogate, providing ongoing assistance and direction to your physicians and care team during the duration of your hospitalization.

What is the purpose of routine visits?

Your SAS HCA will make an annual visit to your home to reassess your healthcare status and any changes to your health. It is important for you to feel comfortable with your SAS HCA and be assured that if you are not able to speak for yourself, your SAS HCA will be informed about your healthcare wishes and decisions and communicate those to your healthcare providers. Solo Aging Solutions, LLC feels the relationship of our clients and healthcare agents are mutually beneficial and essential to our team being able to be your trusted and informed decision makers.

What happens at my physician visits when I am accompanied by my SAS healthcare agent?

Attending an annual physician appointment will help your SAS HCA be aware of your current health status and of any conditions that may necessitate healthcare decision making in the future.  Your SAS HCA will keep detailed notes at your appointment and provide you with a copy for your own records. We have found that when medical information is being provided, it is beneficial to have another person present to assist with note taking so that you can be present in the discussion.  The visits also may get your physician accustomed to communicating with your SAS HCA, which may help improve any SAS/physician communications should they be needed in the future.

What happens if I have a medical emergency when out of town or on vacation?

In the event you have a medical emergency when far from home, contact your SAS healthcare agent. If you are incapacitated, and unable to make the call yourself, those treating you at the hospital likely will inquire about your healthcare surrogate or proxy and can call for you IF the hospital can determine the identity of your HCA.  Thus, it is especially important when you are traveling to keep a copy of your HCA’s contact information in your wallet in the event you have an emergency. If contacted, your SAS HCA will be able to send any required information and a copy of your advance healthcare directive, or POLST, and discuss treatment or any medical options with your attending physician.